Faucet and Sink Solution in North Hollywood, CA!

Many people do not realize the damage to their plumbing system and bank account that a minor, faucet leak can cause. These leaks often present themselves as nothing more than an annoyance, or something to just put up with. However, if you choose to live with a broken faucet instead of seeking out repairs, then you could end up spending more money in the long run on your water bill and eventual repair or replacement costs.

My North Hollywood Plumber Hero is a plumbing service company that connects property owners with hometown plumbers to help them address their leaky faucets. When you call for service, we’ll send an industry certified plumber to your home the same day. Our fast and professional service is affordable and always saves our customers money.

Why You Benefit from Professional Faucet Repair

An experienced plumber will repair your faucets quickly, yet take his or her time to examine every aspect of your faucet to make sure the repairs address the actual problem. Often, we come across property owners that call us in a state of panic because they tried to make repairs on their own, but only made the problem worse. If this has happened to you, let us assure you that we can help.

DIY faucet repair is not recommended, but if you’ve read this advice a bit too late, we’re here to help. Our plumbing pros have the skills to repair all faucets including top brands like Delta, Moen, American Standard, Kohler, Price, and Pfister. When a plumber knocks on your door, they will have every part or tool you can think of in their vehicle so as soon as you give him the okay, he can start making repairs without delay.

Call today for the following home faucet repair services:


  • Laundry rooms
  • Water shut-off valves
  • Bathtub and shower
  • Kitchen sink
  • Bathroom sink
  • Bathroom faucet installation
  • Kitchen faucet replacement


We also provide garbage disposal repair and replacement services.